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Fiio M3 Pro: Review and experience

Published on: April 25, 2021
By: Locky


Construction and materials
Operating system
Physical buttons
Connectors and microphone
Sound and DAC

# Introduction

Before I get started with this review and experience with this little player a little context here. In high school I was able to get a Spotify membership, I was able to experience "legal" music, Spotify was born to make music more attractive and accessible, although now Spotify as well as Apple Music and Tidal, spy on their users and more than Spotify can and more than Spotify can guess your emotional state depending on what you listen to and recommend you more music according to your emotions, no , I'm not kidding:

Spotify, el Gran Hermano musical

Spotify can tell if you’re sad. Here’s why that should scare you (Spotify puede saber si estás triste. Esto es lo que debería asustarte)

Spotify quiere sugerir música según tu estado de ánimo

But that will be for another topic in the "Privacy" section, back to the topic, I started to get tired of streaming services, not only because I don't like the idea of paying a monthly amount of money to access music or see ads to listen to music, but because the market is saturated, you don't know which service to choose because they are all the same, without any change, just like the phone is a very uncomfortable way to listen to music, an example:

Many people will say "but the cell phone has everything, why do I want a player?" and they are right, but having everything together, either your school work or work with your entertainment center in the same device is annoying, like the size of the increasingly large cell phones becomes annoying to listen to music in your pocket while doing something or you're on the street, I was tired of listening to music on my cell phone, pay services, battery problems and more, so I went to look for a music player, my criteria were as follows:

Searching and searching the Internet, videos, blog and stores, I finally decided to buy this Fiio brand player, an audio company dedicated to the manufacture of headphones, music players and DACs founded in 2007 in China, this model I fell in love with just seeing it for the first time, the Fiio M3 pro.

# Construction and materials

The Fiio M3 pro is constructed of glass and a sort of metal/aluminum, although it feels more like metal to the touch. And yes, I said glass, not just on the front. Which well, is the screen if not also on the back, it's something I started to hate with phones, when one of the first ones was the Samsung Galaxy S6 which introduced glass on the back of the phone, so I still don't really like the idea that a player that you will use either rough or almost all the time has glass on the back, so I don't really like the idea that a player that you will use either rough or almost all the time I still don't like the idea that a player that you will use either rough or almost all the time has a glass on the back, even with all that the materials feel that they are of quality, you can tell that the construction of the device is well cared for. On the front we have the screen.

Parte frontal

On the back of the device we find the company logo, the logo that indicates that this device is a high fidelity device and in itself data that you find in many devices.

Parte trasera

# Battery

Integrated battery, I know, I know, you'll say: NOOOO IT'S INTEGRATED, YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT, IT'S NOT WORTH IT. But wait, batteries have their own way of measuring quality, what good is a battery that has a large capacity if it runs out in less than an hour, music players have the advantage of having a system not so heavy, background processes, spyware (if android with GooglePlay), the battery lasts longer and with this player is no exception, the battery is of good quality, it lasts quietly between 2-7 hours. quality, lasts quietly between 2-7 days depending on the use that you give, usually I use it almost all day listening to music, for me lasting almost 2 days without charging it, although even people who do not use the player more than 2 hours a day can last up to 1 full week without charging the player so do not worry if you are going out, the battery will last up to 2 days without charging it. worry if you are going out, the battery lasts, although it would not be bad if the battery was interchangeable but it is appreciated that the quality of the battery is very good, the sleep mode of the device is quite good, you can leave it on without turning it off and without playing music and at the end of the day the battery does not run out, as for the charging time it takes between 1-2.5 hours to charge the device. charging time it takes between 1-2.5 hours to fully charge, apart while you are using the DAC it is charging the device which is a bonus.

# Durability

I am a careless person, "butter hands", this player has fallen twice, once from the table and another slipping from my hands falling and crashing the screen to the floor with an almost high force and as incredible as it seems, it lasted! the screen to the floor with an almost high force and as incredible as it may seem, it lasted, it is incredible the quality of the material itself and that it is resistant, as well as the aluminum/metal frames, it has not presented aluminum/metal frames have not presented scratches so far even though it has been on rocky ground unlike my phone that has fallen off the back from my bed with the same force breaking the back of my phone. bed with the same force breaking the glass.

# Operating system

The operating system is understood to use Linux as a base although my computer detects the device as android, even so it is a very basic system and it's not not bad at all, it is a good thing, since it is an operating system built especially for music, although the problem is that the system is slow, the first days of use presented freezing in the system the first days of use presented freezing in the system forcing the restart of the device, oh that the few animations that have are very slow or the change of the album cover is also slow, it is ironic that the system is slow. is also slow, it is ironic because in the manual indicates that in case of problems you can force the shutdown, apart from this, is a fairly comfortable operating system and intuitive (I'll talk about that later).

# Screen

The screen is very good for what it is, the screen is very clear, the brightness level is very good ideal for when you're on the street with sun, that if it is very reflective. as well as the back of the device, it is also worth mentioning that I am a person with big hands being a small device the screen will be small as well making handling the system a little tedious but you adapt quickly, that if you have small hands this device will be very comfortable. But if you are concerned when it comes to the quality of the screen you will get a nice experience.

# Storage

This device has NO internal storage, you have to buy a MicroSD of the amount of storage you want, it is understood the fact that they want to give the freedom to the user in selecting the amount of storage according to the needs of the user, whether it consumes MP3 or FLAC or in case the user already has MicroSD ready to use, but it would not hurt if the system comes with a storage already defined either for users who do not have MicroSD on hand or people who use music files not as heavy as MP3, the SONY walkman a55 (a basic/modern version from SONY) comes with 16 GB of storage (although the a55 is slightly more expensive than this Fiio) and this Fiio brand model is not the only one that does not have storage, many of their basic and mid-range models of the brand do not have storage and cost the same as other name brand players that do have internal storage.


# Physical buttons

The Fiio M3 Pro, has 4 physical buttons located on the left side of the device (that's perfect for me since I type and use a lot of things with my left hand), the buttons are good quality, it feels smooth and quite nice to press the buttons, just like the sound. The buttons are of good quality, it feels soft and quite pleasant to press the buttons, as well as the sound it gives when you press it, as well as the construction of the device, you can tell that the as the construction of the device, you can tell that the buttons were well designed.

We find these buttons:


# Connectors and microphone

This device has a 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones and a usb-c port as a charging hub, use of DAC and you can connect headphones that have as usb-c input, it does not have bluetooth, NFC and wifi connection. The integrated microphone can be said to be "decent" not to say bad, you can listen to the audios you record on the device, an extra feature that is not annoying but a little unnecessary for some


# Sounds and DAC

The sound is strong, it reaches 60 levels in volume (a quite dangerous volume if you use headphones but perfect for speakers), the sound that manages can be said that concentrates on highlighting high-pitched and female voices, as well as highlighting the bass, in case you use it the only level that is bearable for the ear and that is perfect is level 30, although in some songs you might have to raise it to 40, as I say, the high volume level would only be useful in case you use speakers or as a DAC and from the computer you regulate the sound, in short, a very comfortable sound for many people and that will not disappoint you.

Speaking of the DAC you can connect the included usb-c to usb A cable to direct the sound from the computer to the device and from the device to your headphones, the usb-c to usb A cable that is included is a quality, thick and resistant cable, going back to the DAC, this brings many advantages in which they are:

On Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 you need to install drivers from the official Fiio website to make the DAC work, fortunately the drivers are free software registered under the GPL v2, even in the packaging comes the GPL v2 license printed on paper. On Linux and MacOS you don't need to install the drivers, just plug it in and enjoy, although on some Linux distributions you need to configure the audio input and output although it's not difficult.

# Gesture

Being a device with a small screen and no physical or touch buttons for system navigation, gestures are used to navigate and use the device, these are the different gestures used:

Scroll left to right: Unlock the device and go back to the previous folder or to close an application such as settings, calculator or the image gallery.


Scroll from right to left: With this gesture you can select more than one file or select all files in the folder either to delete it, mark it as a favorite, add it to a playlist.


Scroll up: With this gesture you can close all folders and return to the top.


Status bar: Scroll down from the top of the device to access a status bar, there you can access: Song name, song playback bar where you can switch to a specific part of the song, pause and resume music, rewind or forward to the next song, mark it as a favorite, change the playback order, raise or lower the screen brightness, quick access to microphone, calculator and e-books, if you press the song image it takes you directly to the song (a pretty quick access)


Volume up and down: By pressing either of the 2 buttons that control the volume you can quickly change the volume level by either scrolling up or down to increase or decrease the volume, to exit this menu just press once.

# Empaque

The packaging is incredibly nice and quite light, the presentation when you open it is quite friendly, it's like when you get to work tired and when you enter the house your wife greets you with a kiss and with love and a rich rich dish, like when you return to your mother's house and your mother greets you with love and with that rich dish you ate as a child, because that's how it feels when you open the Fiio M3 Pro packaging, a friendly and quite elegant and compact presentation, underneath the package you find the manual, warranty and GPL v2 license and a usb-c cable to activate the DAC and charge the device, the texture and materials are of quality.

# Extras

Continued extra data:

# Price

To me it cost me 1800 Mexican pesos (90 USD) without any extra in terms of import by aliexpress, if you want to buy it by Amazon Mexico (also imported), you can do it for 3046 Mexican pesos (153 USD), What is the difference?, In shipping, while aliexpress usually can take between 2 weeks to 2 months, in Amazon in terms of imports to Mexico takes 2 weeks and is safer in terms of import (possibly pay the import and customs), instead in aliexpress you run the risk that customs will retain the order and pay taxes, that is "lost" or arrives with factory defects or blows suffered during shipping and yes, buying on aliexpress is like playing Russian roulette with your money, in my case the package took me 2 weeks with 3 days to arrive and fortunately with the box sealed and well protected and no signs that the package was opened, if you are a sadomasochist like me who loves to risk your money, integrity and respect in importing products from China at the risk of paying taxes to customs or never get your product just because it is cheaper to buy there. .. Go ahead and do it, obviously the import and its methods change depending on the country, it is not the same to import a product from China to the United States than from China to Mexico, but if you do not want to be afraid every day that your product will not arrive you can import it from Amazon (although most of the products on Amazon are Chinese sellers and manufacturers of aliexpress), obviously with a much higher price.

# Conclusion

Do I recommend the Fiio M3 Pro? it depends, nowadays a music player is not for everyone, it became part of a specific market, people who want to have their content without internet connection or people who are looking for a better audio quality than a cell phone, cheap music players, just like cheap headphones, are of very poor quality, cheap plastic, very poorly made batteries, screens that really damage your eyesight and possibly break in 2-3 weeks, obviously there are brands that still continue to make good quality and resistant products (although with bad market trends in general), 1800 Mexican pesos (90 USD) can be expensive for many, and it is quite understandable but if you are tired of streaming services, ads, spyware, listening to music by cell phone etc.. .. don't hesitate to take a look at this music player, I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a small device to listen to music with excellent battery and portability and improve the sound and give more power to your speaker or computer/laptop, if you are looking for something more classic like the Ipod or the SONY the Fiio M3 Pro is not for you, ALTHOUGH there is the Fiio M3K which has physical buttons to operate it, I would like to try more music players either from the same brand Fiio or SONY walkman both entry level products, to high end products, but it will be another time.

Thanks for help me!

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